Country: Sweden Population: 340 thousand

The City of Malmö is a coastal city in the south of Sweden.

Malmö lies at the end of the Öresund bridge, which connects Sweden with Denmark through a long road and railway connection.

Malmö does not have very high congestion levels but the city is growing rapidly, and many new housing developments are very close to the water. This results in the generation of a lot of traffic with few possible outlets.

Malmö faces some challenges, such as coping with the increase of population, keeping city streets attractive and liveable while maintaining mobility services, and accommodating an increase in cycling.

Malmö aims to achieve 45% of walking and cycling modal share by 2030.

Malmö has 515km of cycle routes.

The “big-city package”, an ongoing project agreed to be completed 2031, will result in four new express bus lanes of 30 km, three electrified bus lanes and 30 km of new bicycle lanes.