GECKO Final Conference

Date: 25.10.21 - 26.08.21

EU-funded GECKO project, on the governance of new mobility services, will host its final conference on 25-26 August (10:00-11:15 CEST, with repeat sessions at 15:00-16:15 CEST).

The event will go through the project’s lessons learnt and recommendations for transport authorities, policy makers, operators and new mobility providers.  Project partners will present some of the major results from the project, such as the regulatory compliance map and conclusions from key publications.

Check out the event programme below:

Day 1

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • GECKO and the broader context
  • Overview and project legacy of GECKO
  • Technological, operational, business and social trends and innovations
  • Regulatory and governance frameworks
  • Q&A

Day 2

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Transfer session: Impact assessment and prospects for regulatory schemes
  • New regulatory approaches to devise new regulatory schemes, frameworks and governance models
  • Exploitation: Regulation and SUMP
  • Q&A

Please note that this the programme may be subject to change. Register today here.