MORE Workshop “Streets as contested spaces”

Date: 04.11.19
Location: Brussels, Belgium

This technical workshop takes place in the context of the MORE project. The main goal of the MORE project is to develop and implement procedures aimed at multimodal road space.

Within this framework, we also consider the various ways through which sociopolitical
demands, at city level, shape decision- and policy processes and more fundamentally, the
ability to develop a holistic approach to the dynamic management of urban road space.

This workshop examines the challenges linked with sociopolitical demands about dynamic
management of urban road space in European cities (T2.3). It brings together a small group
of knowledgeable stakeholders and observers from within and outside the MORE project in
order to get their perspectives on the following topics:

– setting the agenda related to the priority given to different street uses
– advocacy work about street uses and shaping urban road futures
– challenges with public consultation and stakeholders’ engagement

Each presenter will be asked to deliver a *20-25 minutes presentation* about his/her
organization’s vision and strategy about roadspace allocation and the various ways through
which it is made material and publicized.

The workshop will provide a unique opportunity for an informal group discussion and feed
into future discussions about dissemination.

Please see here the full program.