Join the MORE Exchange Forum webinar on co-creation in road space design

The second meeting of the MORE Exchange Forum will take place online on 24 June 2020.

What is the MORE Exchange Forum?

The MORE Exchange Forum is a platform to discuss ideas and provide feedback on the tools developed by the MORE project. The first meeting of the Exchange Forum took place in October 2019 in Graz and focused on the concept of flexible use of kerb space.

Changing the way we view and use road space

The EU-funded MORE project is developing tools assisting cities in their road space design process. It develops design concepts that encourage street activity and reduce traffic dominance by considering the needs of all road users. The MORE Exchange Forum is a platform to discuss ideas and provide feedback on the tools developed within the project.

Creating a link with co-creation initiatives and projects

The co-creation of design options through web-based and traditional planning tools is an essential component of the MORE project. To design roads that benefit all road users, engaging all stakeholders – residents, shop owners, real estate operators, advocacy groups, etc. – is key.

For this reason, in the meeting will aim for a fruitful exchange with projects and initiatives on co-creation in sustainable urban mobility. The meeting will be an opportunity to discuss best and worst practices and to align the MORE tools with the knowledge and guidelines that such initiatives have produced.

An agenda for the meeting and information on how to join will be available soon. For more information, contact Francesco Ripa.



The MORE project is developing four tools assisting the development of street ecosystems:

  • A library with design elements to develop new options;
  • A stakeholder engagement tool for the co-creation of design options, using both web-based and traditional planning tools;
  • A simulation tool that will mimic user behaviour in streets and on roads, including the delivery of performance indicators;
  • An appraisal tool for the assessment of design options.

The MORE tools will be tested in five European cities: Lisbon, London, Budapest, Constanta and Malmö.