MORE Exchange Forum gathers in Graz for first meeting

The first meeting of the MORE Exchange Forum took place in Graz, Austria on 1st October 2019, in conjunction with the 2019 Civitas Forum Conference.

Transport experts from academia, civil society organisations and urban planning consulting companies attended the event, which aimed at discussing ideas and gathering feedback on the tools developed by the MORE project.

Professor Peter Jones, scientific co-ordinator of MORE, introduced the project and set the scene by presenting the challenges faced by the MORE cities London, Constanta, Lisbon and Budapest and Malmö.

The five cities are working together within MORE to tackle shared challenges: improve the conditions of their streets and understand how much weight to give to their diverse needs. The tools developed by MORE will help cities in the design of better streets with a view to creating a healthier street environment.

Giacomo Lozzi, Urban Freight Coordinator at Polis and MORE dissemination manager, presented on the changing role of local authorities in managing urban space. Street design is one of the powerful tools that local authorities can to make mobility in urban areas more sustainable and safer.

The second MORE Exchange Forum meeting is expected to take place in Spring 2020. Interested in becoming a member of the MORE Exchange Forum? Contact Francesco Ripa.


The MORE tools

MORE will develop four tools assisting the development of street ecosystems:

  • A library with design elements to develop new options;
  • A stakeholder engagement tool for the co-creation of design options, using both web-based and traditional planning tools;
  • A simulation tool that will mimic user behaviour in streets and on roads, including the delivery of performance indicators;
  • An appraisal tool for the assessment of design options.

The MORE Exchange Forum

The MORE Exchange Forum is a platform to discuss ideas and provide feedback on the tools developed by the MORE project. The MORE Exchange Forum Members will closely follow, comment on and validate the development of the tools throughout the project and will finally receive tailored guidance on how to use the tools in their own context.