PTV Group releases new software features inspired by MORE

PTV Group, partner in the MORE project, just released the PTV Vissim 2021 and PTV Viswalk 2021 software, introducing new features inspired by the MORE Project. Both software solutions are widely used by traffic planners and engineers.

PTV Vissim 2021 helps decision-makers make traffic decisions related to COVID-19. Among its new features is easier modelling of simple Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), to make the most out of existing road infrastructure instead of building new roads. This can be critical in times where tightening budgets mean that traffic planners have to make-do with existing infrastructure.

The newly released software will also enable improved planning of parking areas with parking evaluations. Planners can optimize the planning of parking and pick-up/drop-off areas with enhanced rich evaluations.

In addition, planners using VPTV Vissim 2021 can record simulations in a 2D format to include more evaluations in their videos.

PTV Viswalk 2021 allows traffic engineers to better model COVID-19 measures and unexpected scenarios. For example, it can be used to simulate user-defined distances between queuing pedestrians.

In PTV Viswalk 2021, it is easier to plan emergency evacuations from buildings, with the new RSET heatmaps that visualize required safe egress times spatially. There are also upgraded modelling experience and evaluation features.

For more information on the new features included in PTV Vissim/Viswalk 2021, see the information sheet released by the PTV Group (PDF).