What is MORE?

MORE will develop and implement procedures for the design of urban corridor roads.

MORE will test these in five urban nodes of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). It will deliver tools to assist cities in their roadspace design process.

Corridor roads are under pressure from increased mobility. Delays and variable travel times result in time losses for road passengers and freight deliveries. This requires a more efficient use of road space, applying multimodal design. At the same time, developing safe and attractive cities demands transport and city planners to encourage street activity and reduce traffic dominance. MORE will develop design concepts that acknowledge such variety in economic and social interests, considering the needs of all road users.


TEN-T and corridor roads

MORE concentrates on the urban feeder-roads of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). Their efficient functioning is vital to the local and national economy and the success of the TEN-T. But higher traffic volumes might also lead increased air and noise pollution, accidents, congestion and CO2 emissions – affecting the economic efficiency and the health and well-being the population, demanding counter measures.

MORE will develop and review tools and procedures in five nodes of the TEN-T: Budapest, Constanta, Lisbon, London, and Malmö.

Our Partners

MORE has 18 partners from across Europe that bring a wide range of expertise and perspectives.

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