Work Packages

MORE is organised around nine Work Packages.

Work Packages 1, 2 and 3 will investigate and review design processes. Work Packages 4 will develop the design options and tools that will be tested in Work Package 5. The project’s results and findings will be prepared in Work Packages 6 and 7.


Work packages

This Work Package will provide information about road users’ needs and will review methods and guidelines for urban road design. Work Package 1 will also provide a compilation of objectives and performance indicators for the design of urban roads.

Work Package 2 will identify political, regulatory, institutional and organisational factors that affect road space management.

This Work Package will identify analyse technological developments and other advances in transport modes such as automation and C-ITS. It will also study new patterns of services and behaviour. It will also investigate changing demographics and future patterns of demand, that are likely to affect the requirements for physical and digital infrastructure.

This work package will develop four tools that will be tested in the five pilot cities in Work Package 5. These are:

  • A library with design elements
  • A stakeholder engagement tool
  • A simulation tool
  • An appraisal tool for the assessment of design options

The tools will be available for download in this section at a later stage in the project.

In this Work Package five cities will test and implement the four design tools that are developed in Work Package four.

  • Budapest
  • Constanta
  • Lisbon
  • London
  • Malmö

This Work Package will consolidating and exploit the achieved results and will develop the MORE toolkit. Itr will refine tools and will work towards effective exploitation.

This Work Package is will raise awareness of MORE and will disseminate the project’s outcomes to cities and regions and other urban transport stakeholders across Europe.

This Work Package covers the administration, management and governance of of MORE activities and consortium.

This work package sets out the ethics requirements that Horizon 2020 projects must comply with.