Streets as ecosystems

Changing the way we view and use road space

What is MORE?

Corridor roads are under pressure. As the population and economy grow, mobility levels increase. Meanwhile, the demand for transport becomes increasingly diverse. These factors put the reliability of the network at risk both for passengers and freight, and call for a more efficient use of road space.

MORE will develop design concepts that encourage street activity and reduce traffic dominance by considering the needs of all road users.

MORE will explore experimental options such as flexible use of kerb space and dynamic allocation of road space to accommodate different functions.

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2 months ago
Great to see that the idea of classifying streets based on their functions for all street users is taking ground in 🇨🇺 Havana, Cuba!

#Movement: main function is 🚗 transport 🚃
#Place: the street is a destination itself 🏡

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3 months ago
"For the pedestrian, an extra meter or two of sidewalk means a whole lot."

👏 Impressive gallery of urban space redesign!

Pilot Cities

MORE will implement and test tools for roadspace design in five urban nodes of the Trans European Transport Network (TEN-T): Budapest, Constanța, Lisbon, London, and Malmö.

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